Within the world of competitive sports, athletes will train to the max to gain the edge over their opponent. With physical training being an important part of the daily life, we see meditation as a way to open pathways of the mind to be more present in the task at hand while sharpening focus and lessening distractions on and off the field.

Long-term engagement in mindfulness meditation has been found to be effective in achieving optimal athletic performance through decreasing the level of anxiety, ruminative thinking, and enhancing the experience of flow.

We tailor packages for individual athletes, leadership groups and teams to aid them in their journey towards sporting success and helping them to balance mental obstacles in their way.

We have 3 tailored packages for Sporting support:

Happy Habit

6 Week Guided Experience

Sit. with us as one of our accredited teachers takes your group through 6 weeks of guided meditation sittings.
Cultivate techniques to help improve focus and attention all while calming the mind and relaxing the body.
Learn helpful tips and techniques to allow for a healthy habit to blossom.


8 Week Comprehensive

Get the most out of your capabilities by gaining insight and utilizing meditation. Each week we focus on a theme that ties in coping mechanisms and meditations. Develop practical lifelong skills, while learning how, when and why to apply them on the sports field.
The perfect program for a leadership or coaching group to cultivate knowledge to be able to share with those that may need them.


Continual Support

Invest in the well-being of your athletes by having one of our accredited teachers at hand for continual support. Gain the competitive edge by learning how to strengthen mental focus and remain calm under pressure.
This is an ever-changing program that ties in Happy Habit and Insight with a strong emphasis on one-on-one individual support.
Whether it be match day or training, we can be by your side as a valued member of your support team.

COVID – All courses available online or face to face depending on local government regulations.