Rediscover Meditation

At Sit. we provide programs tailored to improve people’s mental well-being. We help individuals to find their own path within the world of meditation and mindfulness.
We offer a range of packages, courses and continual support for groups and individuals Australia wide.

Our emphasis is on personal growth and expansion as we clear the way for a brighter, healthier future within the space of mental wellbeing.

The majority of reasons people look to meditation and mindfulness is to help reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus and attention, obtain insight and self-inquiry and learn how to navigate the emotional world.

Finding balance is different for everyone. With our accredited teachers coming together to combine mindfulness with the most ground-breaking research, Sit. will help you to feel and connect with your own version of inner prosperity.

We recognize the need for real change within our society in how we deal with our internal imbalances, we aim that with the proper guidance and training our clients can be the forefront leading the way through this great awakening.

Who we work with


We are always looking towards a brighter future and aim to work with employers that are looking to take an active stance in…

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People are complex and there are many ways a person can grow. By understanding the individual, we look to help guide them to…

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Within the world of competitive sports, athletes will train to the max to gain the edge over their opponent. With physical training…

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Where's the research?

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COVID – All courses available online or face to face depending on local government regulations.