At Sit. we are always looking towards a brighter future and aim to work with employers that are looking to take an active stance in maintaining their employee well-being.

We provide the balance necessary to allow employees to reduce noise, focus on the key issues at hand and make strategic decisions in calm, measured ways. Meditation in the workplace can be a powerful organisational tool for enhancing employee efficacy, wellbeing and job satisfaction.

We believe that within every employee there is a productive high performer and within every individual there is limitless potential for success and creativity.

We have 3 tailored packages for corporate support:

Happy Habit

6 Week Guided Experience

Sit. with us as one of our accredited teachers takes your group through 6 weeks of guided meditation sittings.
Cultivate techniques to help improve focus and attention all while calming the mind and relaxing the body.
Learn helpful tips and techniques to allow for a healthy habit to blossom.


8 Week Comprehensive

Get the most out of your capabilities by gaining insight into the world of meditation. Each week we focus on a theme that ties in coping mechanisms and meditations.
Develop a tool belt of practical lifelong skills, while learning how, when and why to apply them to modern day situations and grievances.


Continual Support

Invest in the well-being of your workers by having one of our accredited teachers at hand for continual support. Build emotional intelligence and positive mental habits in the workplace.
This dynamic initiative ties in Happy Habit and Insight with a strong emphasis on one-on-one individual support. Each business has different needs and will require a unique hands on approach.
This is the future of employee support, we are here to ease the load off HR.

COVID – All courses available online or face to face depending on local government regulations.