At Sit. we take a non-dogmatic approach to meditation.

We embrace many styles and techniques which we utilize to their fullest potential. With a strong passion towards consciousness research and development, we understand that each individual has different needs, wants, and expectations — especially when it comes to mindfulness meditation.

This in turn calls for different approaches to calm the mind and relax the body. Taking old time traditions, keeping what works, and blending it with modern teachings of science and spirituality, we hope to learn from and improve the life of everyone we meet.

All our staff have a burning passion towards the healing power of meditation. Our facilitators are not only well-rounded individuals but also trained and accredited meditation teachers with many years of practice.

Our skills are designed to aid people in developing their own meditation practice to suit their daily life, and to allow for the smooth transition of the new habit to blossom.

COVID – All courses available online or face to face depending on local government regulations.